Driver Side High Beam Headlight Replacement

This is a brief explanation of how I finally found the way to install
a new Driver Side High Beam Headlight.
1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

The high beam headlight was burned out. I bought a new one at a local parts shop.

I looked in my (commercial)  Repair Manual for instructions. It didn't offer any help. I looked in my Oldsmobile Owner's Manual. The instructions didn't make sense for my car.

I went to the Internet for help. I found several solutions but not for me. Not one bit of help for installing the Driver Side High Beam headlight on my Olds Ciera. In desperation I followed the most common instructions: I began removing bolts.

Some said to remove the Grille (4 bolts) I did. No help: Grille won't come out. Some said to remove all the bolts that hold the upper front end parts. I removed the 4 bolts. No help. The front end parts would not release. Next day I replaced all those removed bolts.

After all that work for nothing, I decided to make one more attempt; It seemed unlikely that I could reach the bulb from below, but I laid on my back and scooted under the car.

Lying on the ground and looking up, there was a view of my headlight socket. It is not in an easy place to reach and very little room for my hand but it was the only method possible without taking it to a shop.

There is room for one hand. Reach up and grasp the socket.

Force the socket counter clockwise for a little bit and it will slide out into your hand. Handle the socket only, the glass breaks easily. 

Carefully -- without touching the new glass bulb (I wore rubber gloves) connect your socket, then guide your new bulb into the headlamp. Turn the socket clockwise to secure it in the hole.

Climb out from underneath the car, test your High Beam Headlights and have a cup of hot coffee to celebrate!! ( Hot coffee is optional.)