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How I keep a belt on our Bissell 8910 ProHeat Vacuum.

We have three small dogs in our house.  We also have many doggie accidents on our carpets so the good old Bissell 8910 gets a lot of use.

One of our dogs has CHF and must take diuretics. That means our Bissell must be ready for use at any time and often. Actually, I don't know what we would have done without it. I've recommended it to other pet owners. Got a pet? You need a Bissell ProHeat! It works wonders on the soiled carpet.

I recently put the third new brush belt on the cleaner and the brush rotated for about 30 seconds before quitting.  

After accessing the belt pulley, I could see why the toothed belt slipped off.  A plastic "keeper" had broken off the toothed pulley. Without that "keeper" the belt would not stay in place.

Here is the "keeper" that broke off the toothed pulley.  It is smaller than a 10 cent coin. The small shaft had snapped right off the pulley allowing the belt to slip off . I found the belt is a little too wide to fit in the small space allotted for it. So I found a better way to keep the belt in place.  I'll show you what I did on pages 2 and 3. But first, you must access the belt area.

First. you must access the belt area.

There are many sources on the Internet that will let you download a free PDF copy of the combined Bissell 8910 and 7901 User Manual. It is only 28 pages and a fast download.

Pages 18 and 19 of that manual show you how to access the belt area and change the belts. I added the following pictures to aid you in that task.

Remove the belt cover.
The water pump belt is visible, 
the bush belt is still covered.
Turn the unit on its side and completely over to access the bottom.
See this little red plastic piece near the side? A screw holds it in place.

The little red plastic piece is held by one phillips screw. Remove the screw and gently force the red plastic piece up and out of the unit.

Now we are ready to apply my solution to the "belt slipping off" problem on pages 2 and 3.

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NOTICE:  This site is not a recommendation that you try doing what I have done. If you have trouble with your carpet cleaner that you can't resolve, take it to a qualified repair shop or purchase a new cleaner.  I prefer to 'tinker' with my own devices and I do not recommend that you do the same. This site is posted only to show what I have done to my own property.