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Solving our Bissell 8910 slippping belt problem.
Work gently with the black belt cover until you get it raised from its socket.

There is no way on this good earth that the red button "keeper" can hold that replacement belt in place on the toothed pulley. There must be a better way to keep the belt in place.  

After considering several alternatives, including cement, I decided on one idea that thus far has worked.

Notice on the pictures at the top of this page there is a small hole drilled in the side of the sweeper. I drilled that hole to line up exactly where the center of the pully is located.  Then I marked that spot on the black cover (below) to show me where the center of the pulley would meet the black cover when in its permanent position.  

See the red toothed brush belt pulley? See the too wide belt that is supposed to stay firmly on
that pulley? And in the pictures below see the flat little red "keeper button" with a broken shaft that is broken off from the red pulley?

This little button is not as large as a ten cent piece.  You'll see that the small "keeper" can't hold much belt without it breaking off from the pulley, which allows the belt to slip off after about two seconds.

Page 02.
NOTICE:  This site is not a recommendation that you try doing what I have done. If you have trouble with your carpet cleaner that you can't resolve, take it to a qualified repair shop or purchase a new cleaner.  I prefer to 'tinker' with my own devices and I do not recommend that you do the same. This site is posted only to show what I have done to my own property.