Upper part of insert.
Lower part of insert where the blower attaches,

|___________________________ 27"end to end______________________ |

5 and 3/8"
top to bottom.

The case is:

5 and 3/8" deep.

The electric motor is "FASCO INDUSTRIES,   Type U21B,   
Cassville, MO div # 7021-5735."

There is a number on the blower wheel support:   0904  4007.


After searching for many hours over several days, I concluded that there was no such replacement blower available in the size that I needed. Then I received an Email from a gentleman who sent a picture of a replacement blower that would fit. I ordered it. 

If you need a fireplace replacement part, don't give up searching until you have contacted Woodstove-parts. They will take the time to search for your replacement part (I have no affiliation of any kind with that company).

Above is the blower that I needed. Below is the fireplace insert that it fits.
If you need parts, contact :
Above - old.         Below - new.
Replacement transflow/crossflow blowers for fireplace insert or other aplications.