Gas leaking from tank? Before
jumping to conclusions, beware!

In 2009, we bought a second car and the Nissan wasn't used as much as it had been in the past. Less use meant less gas. It took a while to need a refill.

One day after a gas fill, I noticed some gas leaking from the tank area. I looked underneath and couldn't determine exactly where the leak was.

I drove to a mechanic and had him diagnose the problem. He said it was leaking from the fuel fill pipe because the screws had loosened. He tightened the screws and charged me $8.00. I was pleased that the leak was stopped.

It was quite a while before I needed to fill the tank again. But when I did, the tank still leaked. 

Based on what the first mechanic had told me, I thought the leak was from the rubber portion of the fill tube. So I told another mechanic that the rubber part of the fill tube needed to be replaced. He replaced it. Cost was $51.29 to install a Nissan tube.

So now I had spent a total of $59.29 to stop the leaking from a full tank of gas. That's not too bad considering the cost of gas plus the danger from a leaking gas pipe. 

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The rubber part of the Fill Tube was replaced.
1992 Nissan Sentra XE   GA16DE    Engine Code "E"
Before you spend many dollars for a new gas tank, read this!
Case closed? NO!