Dan from Hawaii had an intermittent problem starting his '92 Nissan. How aggrivating that must have been. First it starts and then it doesn't. After much work, Dan located his intermittent starting problem and he is willing to share the experience with all of us. Thank you Dan. We'll all  benefit your experience.    
Dan, you have just saved us a lot of work. None of us will forget your experience when we have an intermittent starting (or other electrical) problems). Thank you. 

Public Notice: there are several handyman  do-it-yourself  items on this Web site that require some care when using them or the tools and/or electricity when constructing them. I offer my ideas freely and if you use any of these ideas you are responsible for all aspects of that use. If you attempt to construct and/or use any of these items, you do so at your own risk.  Thank you, Doug Dickens.

More Problems with Starting