1992 Nissan Sentra XE   GA16DE    Engine Code "E"

This is a one owner Nissan, bought in 1992 by my wife Peggy. When we first met in 1999, the car had 106,483 miles on it. Peggy said she never had any trouble with the car and she had regular maintenance done. This maintenance log begins in 1999 with the purchase of new tires. I use that purchase as a starting place because it has the date and mileage on the receipt.

I'll mention this: in December of 2012 the air conditioner is as it came from the factory; it has never failed and never needed any service. I think that is remarkable!

Routine maintenance such as oil changes, etc, are not listed on this log.

106,483   06/03/99   Four new tires
132,028   10/01/01   I installed new alternator.$99.99. Lifetime Warranty (lasted  6 years).
143,250   06/03/02   I replaced blower resistor $27.79.
143,342   06/28/02   Starter replaced. Tow and labor, $68.45, plus part.
162,535   10/04/03   I changed spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, PCV, $34.48
162,625   11/22/03   I changed front brake pads. $16.48.
166,959   05/08/04   I changed oxygen sensor.
167,359   06/09/04   I changed 3 belts for: water pump, power steering, alternator. $26.36 

172,800   05/26/05   I changed spark plugs, wires, rotary. $46.21
173,300   06/15/05   I changed distributor cap, air filter, PCV, fuel filter.
173,336   06/30/05   New #3 injector, manifold gasket, compression test, $198.11
179,456   03/29/06   Right CV axle replaced. $152.17
186,424   05/02/07   Starter quit. I found screw had fallen from the Inhibitor Relay. I Fixed. 
186,538   07/05/07   Alternator failed; under warranty. I replaced. No cost.
190,742   10/14/08   Fuel tank leaking when full. Mechanic tightened fill tube screws.
194,110   10/19/09   I replaced PCV hose.
     (In July of 2009, Bought low mileage 1994 Olds Ciera because Nissan mileage is high
      will keep Nissan and share the use while updating Nissan.
194,205   03/18/10   Nissan driver side door lock stuck -- locked! I fixed. Several hours.
194,361   07/20/10  2 complete CV Axels, thermostat, upper and lower radiator hoses,  new
coolant, labor and tax. Total $436.97. 
This log is under construction. February 11, 2013.
194,832   06/02/12   Front brake rotors and pads.
194,885   10/11/12   Wells (brass) Dist Cap & Rotor kit, Duralast Wires, NKG BKR5E-11
plugs, Oxygen Sensor, Parts cost $60.00; I installed. 
Injector for #1 cylinder, and new hose for gas tank.Bowen Installed $227.00.
195,218   12/05/12  Chain Tensioner & installation by Bowen $297.87. Associated parts OK.